28.10.2012 Guang Zhou (CN) - Painting @ Touch Dance Studio

Night time Graffiti Session at „Touch Team“ Dance School
晚上在„Touch Team“ Dance School 一同創作塗鴉壁繪


28.10.2012 Guang Zhou (CN) - B-Boys & Girls Group Shot

TIMSKI: That was really a great event. Thanks to STO & DICKID the local Hip Hop Community came together and celebrated a nice event. In the middle: DJ DOUBLE D (Offenbach) & DJ FAT KIT (Guang Zhou); together with all dancers who joined the B-Boy Jam.

28.10.2012 Guang Zhou (CN) - Battle of Guangzhou

BATTLE OF GZ - Breakdance competition

The Battle of Guang Zhou, a one day break-dancing competition organized by hip hop enthusiast Dickid (Chee Productions), his friends from STO crew, b-boys and girls all based in Guang Zhou. A hundred break-dancers from all over Guang Zhou came to join in and support the event, held in the basement of a hugh city center shopping mall, not far from the Guang Zhou East Railway Station.

Several German artists were invited to be part of the event. DJ Double D from Germany was spinning together with Fat Kit (Chee Productions) from Guang Zhou; Zeb.Roc.Ski from Berlin and local b-dancers C Roc and Tonny teamed up as judges; German graffiti artist Cren and Timski from Netherlands painted with local graffiti artists like Phron, Rose, Mirs and Sort. Hong Kong b-boys and b-girls from "School of Hip Hop" also came down to show off their skills and style. In mid-battle, one girls style caught my eye. I was impressed when the emcee announced she is from Hong Kong and, in fact, only 14 years old. That’s rare!

The event started in the early afternoon, at half past two, and it took nearly 5 hours to complete all the battles. One guy was injured, his thigh took a knock and the event had to be halted for a while. Hope that b-boy recovers and that every b-boy and b-girl takes care of their health and looks after their physical condition in general.

Friendly (Invasian Magazine)

28.10.2012 Guang Zhou (CN) - Battle of Guangzhou

DICKID: Together with LEE WIN and his crew STO we invited all local dancers to a B-Boy competition. Around 150 dancers from Guang Zhou, Shen Zhen and Hong Kong joined our event.

LEE WIN: Together with DICKID (Chee Prod.) and the German guests we organized a B-Boy & Girl competition. My b-boy crew STO was judging the competition together with Akim from Berlin.

28.10.2012 Guang Zhou (CN) - B-Boys & Girls Meeting

AKIM: We invited a group from the "School of Hip Hop " (Youth Outreach Center, Hong Kong) to Guang Zhou and discussed possibilities to organize a youth exchange between Hong Kong, Germany and the Netherlands.

...after the event we had a small snack together and brought them to the train station.....


27.10.2012 Guang Zhou (CN) - Preparation Event

Preparing the Hip Hop competitions
TIMSKI: Together with CREN, AKIM, DJ DOUBLE D and some artists and helpers from Guang Zhou we decorate the place for the Hip Hop events, in the basement of the biggest shopping mall in Guang Zhou.
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DICKID: Chinese B-Girls posing in front of the event banner...

Posing in front of the Graffiti canvas ...